Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a top-notch urologist and kidney transplant surgeon. He focuses on patients with tough urological and kidney problems. Dr. Mohan's work with kidney transplants greatly boosts the lives of those with serious kidney disease. He has the unique abilities needed for complex surgeries. This includes replacing a sick kidney with a healthy one from a donor. Beyond surgery, he checks if someone is fit for a kidney transplant and looks after them afterwards. Working with a team of specialists, Dr. Mohan ensures the best care so that his patients have a high chance of recovery. kidney doctor near me in asansol A close-up shot of a surgeon's hands delicately holding a kidney, with surgical instruments in the background. The hands should be skillfully positioned to convey a sense of precision and expertise. The background should be muted, with a focus on the kidney and the surgeon's hands. Light should be focused on the kidney and hands to create a dramatic effect. Key Takeaways: Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a highly skilled urologist and kidney transplant surgeon with extensive expertise in complex urological and kidney-related conditions. He plays a critical role in the kidney transplantation process, performing intricate surgical procedures to replace damaged or diseased kidneys with healthy donor kidneys. Dr. Mohan collaborates with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care throughout the transplant evaluation and post-transplant process. Patients undergoing kidney transplantation with Dr. Mohan can expect compassionate care and moral support throughout their treatment journey. Dr. Mohan's commitment to advancing the field of urology and kidney care through research and innovation further solidifies his reputation as a trusted and respected authority in his field. Expertise in Kidney Transplantation Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a top kidney transplant surgeon. He knows a lot about kidney transplant.1 He focuses on many areas like dialysis, renal nutrition, kidney transplantation, and more.1 Comprehensive Kidney Transplant Evaluation Before a transplant, Dr. Mohan checks everything.1 He looks at mental health and does blood tests. This makes sure the patient is ready for surgery.1 Advanced Surgical Techniques for Transplantation Dr. Mohan uses the newest methods for kidney transplants.1 He replaces the sick kidney with a healthy one. This helps the patient the most.1 Collaborative Approach with Nephrologists He works closely with other doctors and nurses during a transplant.1 This teamwork is important for the patient's care. It helps make the surgery a success.1 Compassionate Patient-Centered Care Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is highly regarded for his caring approach to healthcare.2 He makes sure each patient gets a personal plan based on their health and history.2 He also offers emotional help and advice. Personalized Treatment Plans His skill is in designing plans that work just for you.2 He looks at your past health, risks, and choices to find what's best.2 This boosts the chance of a good result. Emotional Support and Counseling Getting through kidney or urological issues can be tough on the emotions.2 Dr. Mohan knows this and aims to comfort everyone involved. His caring way makes sure patients and their families are better able to handle everything. They feel more in control and at peace through their health journey. Experience in Kidney Stone Management Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a well-known expert in managing kidney stones. He works at HLG Hospital in Asansol. There, he provides a wide range of services for his patients. These services include both medical treatment and surgery.3 Minimally Invasive Surgical Interventions Dr. Mohan uses advanced methods to treat kidney stones. He avoids open surgery whenever possible. This helps his patients feel less discomfort. His special techniques mean people recover faster. They also have fewer problems after the surgery.3 Prevention of Stone Recurrence Not only does Dr. Mohan treat kidney stones, but he also helps stop them from coming back. He gives custom advice on diet and lifestyle. This advice aims to fix the root causes. The goal is to lower the chance of getting more kidney stones.3 kidney doctor near me in asansol In Asansol, Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a top urologist and kidney transplant doctor. He offers top-notch care for kidneys and transplant needs.4 Patients can find a list of 9 great nephrologists online in Asansol. They can book appointments for personalized care.4 Services include expert care and kidney issue screenings with free home sample collection.4 Nephrologists in Asansol help with many kidney problems, such as infections and blood in urine. They provide care at home through an app. This app also offers online check-ups and medicine delivery.4 Kidney doctors are also available in other Indian cities, like Banashankari and Basaveshwar Nagar. This means people in Asansol can get help easily.4 Common Kidney Diseases Symptoms of Kidney Diseases Risk Factors for Kidney Diseases Diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephritis, kidney stone, polycystic kidney disease, uremia, urinary tract infection, renal cyst, hematuria, and acute kidney injury1 Itching, muscle cramps, nausea, lack of appetite, swelling in feet, frequent urination, less urination, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, abdominal pain, back pain, diarrhea, fever, and nosebleeds1 Kidney infection, cysts in the kidney, physical injury, autoimmune diseases, urinary tract infections, genetic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, and old age1 To check for kidney diseases, doctors might do blood or urine tests, imaging, or biopsies. If you have symptoms, see a doctor soon. Early treatment is key.1 Patients can find the best nephrologist by checking online and booking an appointment. This way, they get thorough care.1 Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Expertise Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a leader in performing complex5 laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. His use of advanced methods means smaller cuts, quicker healing5, and fewer issues after surgery5. This results in top-notch care and better recovery for those with urological and kidney problems. Minimally Invasive Procedures Dr. Mohan has honed his skills in laparoscopic and robotic surgery. This allows him to do surgeries that are less hard on patients and help them get better faster5. These methods are at the forefront in urology and nephrology, giving the best results to patients. Faster Recovery Times People who have surgeries with Dr. Mohan bounce back quicker thanks to his know-how in minimally invasive methods.5 These high-tech ways mean less stress on the patient and a speedier return to normal life. Reduced Postoperative Complications Dr. Mohan's expert use of laparoscopic and robotic surgery cuts down on issues after surgery for his patients.5 With these new methods, he brings about outstanding results and lessens the chance of problems. This secures the best outcomes for patients getting treatments for urological and kidney issues. Comprehensive Urological Services Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is expert in kidney transplants and stone care. He also offers full urological services3. This means he can diagnose and treat many urinary and male reproductive issues3. He uses the latest tools to make sure his care fits each patient's needs. Diagnosis and Treatment of Urological Conditions Dr. Mohan takes a thorough look at urological care. He finds and treats issues with the urinary and male systems3. His skill means he can give each patient a unique treatment for the best results. State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Tools Dr. K. Seshu Mohan doesn't just guess about your health. He uses tools like ultrasound and CT scans3. This helps him know exactly what you need to get better. Then, he comes up with a plan just for you. Number of Best-Rated Urologist Doctors in Asansol 36 Specialities Offered by Dr. P. Roy Erectile Dysfunction, Male Sexual Problems, UTI, Bladder Stones, Enlarged Prostate, Urine Leakage, Sensitive Bladder, Urinary Passage Disorders, Prostate Gland Problems, Blood in Urine Treatments, Kidney Stones & Urinary Tract Infection6 Working Hours for Dr. P. Roy Mon-Sat: 10am - 2:30pm, Sun: 10am - 1:06pm6 Consultation Fee for Dr. Joyanta Kumar Khan ₹10006 Working Hours for Dr. Joyanta Kumar Khan Mon: 6pm - 9pm, Tue, Thu & Sat: 11am - 1pm, Sun, Wed & Fri: Closed6 Advanced Training and Qualifications Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a top-notch urologist and kidney transplant surgeon. He's a board-certified urologist7. Plus, he finished a special fellowship training in transplant surgery7. This means he's super skilled and knowledgeable. He gives amazing care to his patients. Qualifications Details Board Certification Urologist7 Fellowship Training Transplant Surgery7 Degrees MCh in Urology and Kidney Transplant7 Additional Training Fellowship in Minimal Invasive and Robotic Urology7 Awards Dr. C Palanivelu Gold Medal for Best Video in 20177 Licenses and Certifications Diplomate in National Board of Education, Robotic Urology and Advanced Robotic Surgery7 Languages English (Professional working proficiency)7 Advanced Training and Qualifications A training montage featuring K. Seshu Mohan as a consultant urologist and kidney transplant surgeon. Show him studying textbooks, observing surgeries, attending conferences, and receiving certifications and awards. Use a color scheme that conveys knowledge and expertise, such as cool blues and greens. Commitment to Patient Education Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is dedicated to8 patient education. He aims to give his patients detailed information. This helps them understand their health and treatment choices better, leading to smart decisions. He encourages open talk and shared decisions with his patients. By doing this, Dr. Mohan makes sure his patients are fully involved in their care and treatment plans. Empowering Patients with Knowledge As a top kidney specialist, Dr. Mohan knows how crucial it is to educate his patients. He explains their kidney issues, possible causes, and treatment options well.8 This helps patients really get their health. They can then choose what’s best for them based on their lifestyle and health goals. Promoting Informed Decision-Making Dr. Mohan does more than just give out facts. He also urges patients to ask questions and share their worries. This helps make decisions together easier.8 Talking openly with Dr. Mohan helps patients be more engaged in their own care. This leads to better results and happier patients. Dr. K. Seshu Mohan stands out as a respected kidney specialist thanks to his dedication to patient education.8 His focus on patient knowledge not just improves the doctor-patient bond. It also ensures his patients can take action towards better kidney health. Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation Dr. K. Seshu Mohan doesn't just treat patients. He's devoted to making the urology and kidney care field better through his research.9 He's written many articles for top urological journals. These keep him right up to date with new findings. Dr. Mohan also helps with clinical trials. He works with other top researchers to check out new ways of treating people. Together, they push forward in the , , and fields. Contributions to Urological Literature Dr. K. Seshu Mohan's research commitment is clear in his published work. He has shared his knowledge on different urology issues and how to treat them in many journal articles.9 His studies help other doctors to learn and improve patient care. Participation in Clinical Trials Dr. Mohan doesn't just write about new treatments. He also joins in on clinical trials. These trials test new care ways.9 Being part of the studies keeps him in touch with the latest in patient care. So, he can offer his patients the best and newest treatments available. kidney specialist A close-up of a hand holding a magnifying glass over a 3D model of a kidney, with a futuristic, technological vibe. Conclusion Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is a top-tier urologist and kidney transplant surgeon. He is known for his outstanding care. Dr. Mohan uses his vast knowledge and training to help his patients in Asansol and nearby areas.3 HLG Hospital is the place where Dr. Mohan works. They are experts in treating various urological issues. These include kidney stones, prostate problems, and bladder cancer. They also take care of male and female sexual health, and the needs of kids. Ultrasounds, CT scans, and cystoscopy help make their treatments precise and just right for each patient.3 A team of skilled urologists supports Dr. Mohan at the hospital.3 Everyone here focuses on high-quality care. This includes treatments for an enlarged prostate and dealing with urine problems. For women and children, they provide special care for conditions like infections. This brings comfort to many patients.3 The HLG Hospital is at the forefront of healthcare with the latest technology. They were the first to have a 512-slice CT scanner and a silent MRI machine in Eastern India.5 Their labs benefit from experienced team members. The hospital makes sure care is within reach financially for its patients, allowing more people to get top-notch care.5 FAQ What is the role of a kidney transplant surgeon? A kidney transplant surgeon is a specialized doctor. They replace a sick kidney with a healthy one. This surgery is complex but crucial. They also check if the transplant will work and look after the patient after the operation. What is the evaluation process for potential kidney transplant candidates? Before a transplant, candidates go through several evaluations. This includes mental and health checks, along with blood tests. These tests help ensure the patient is ready for the surgery. How do kidney transplant surgeons collaborate with other healthcare professionals? Kidney transplant surgeons work with many other medical experts. They team up with kidney doctors, regular surgeons, and nurses. Together, they plan treatments to help patients get better. What is Dr. K. Seshu Mohan's approach to patient care? Dr. K. Seshu Mohan cares deeply for his patients. He makes treatments designed just for them. His goal is to help and support them through their health journey. What are Dr. K. Seshu Mohan's areas of expertise? Besides kidney transplants, Dr. K. Seshu Mohan knows a lot about kidney stones. He uses special surgeries to treat them without big cuts. Also, he helps people keep kidney stones from coming back. Where can patients in Asansol and surrounding areas receive kidney care and transplant services? Patients in Asansol and nearby can see Dr. K. Seshu Mohan. He's an expert in kidney health and transplant. His care is thorough and specialized for each person. What surgical techniques does Dr. K. Seshu Mohan utilize? Dr. K. Seshu Mohan uses the latest in surgery, like laparoscopic and robotic techniques. These methods mean smaller cuts, quicker healing, and less risk after surgery. What other urological services does Dr. K. Seshu Mohan provide? Dr. K. Seshu Mohan does more than just kidney work. He's also an expert in all things urology. He can find and treat many urological problems using the best technology. What are Dr. K. Seshu Mohan's qualifications and training? Dr. K. Seshu Mohan is very skilled and experienced. He’s certified and trained in both urology and transplant surgery. This makes him a top choice for patients needing these special surgeries. How does Dr. K. Seshu Mohan approach patient education? Dr. K. Seshu Mohan wants his patients to know about their health. He teaches them about their conditions and treatments. This helps patients make choices that are best for them. How is Dr. K. Seshu Mohan contributing to the advancement of urology and kidney care? Besides treating patients, Dr. K. Seshu Mohan works to improve medicine. He publishes his work and joins research to find new treatments. This makes him a leader in urology and kidney health.